Stop for a cup of tea

Both the S-t-o-p/S-t-a-r and Tea tactics are deliberately aimed at getting people to allow any emotional reactions to the situation to dissipate. And then to engage the brain from a resourceful state, rather than follow the immense urge most human beings have when things are going wrong to "just do something". Tea making is a process, a ritual almost, that requires you to be occupied with it and yet is inherently calming, and then you sit down and drink the tea. The S-t-o-p/ S-t-a-r process is intended to get you to ask good questions and then make good choices rather than "doing something" and possibly getting yourself into more trouble

By the time you have sat down to drink the tea, or thought through S-t-o-p/S-t-a-r properly you will have relaxed a litte and will be feeling more resourceful in dealing with the situation

So what ? Well in business and in life "things happen" and as human beings we are nearly all programmed to "do something". Many people absolutely love fire fighting and feel they are being highly effective and highly useful because they are fighting these fires. At Emergent Change we dont want to be (and don't encourage) fire fighting, and see it is a sign of something else being wrong. If you find yourself fire fighting then remember to S-t-o-p or make a cup of tea . . . and then act from a calmer and more resourceful place