Some good books


John Kotter "Leading Change" - John takes a very 'Corporate' and 'top down' approach to deliverying change, but lots of people like his model and he does offer a clear recipe for enabling change and has a lot of useful things to say about the process of change also

Peter Senge "The Fifth Discipline" - Another oldie but goodie. Peter practically invented the idea of the learning organisation, with this and his subsequent books on that theme you have an amazing resource for enabling transformation

Richard Barrett "Liberating the Corporate Soul" - Richard has written more recent books that develop and explore the themes of organisational conciousness more deeply but this is still a seminal (and accessible) work

Stephen Covey "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" - Some great ideas explored in rather more depth than necessary. The later Workbook may be a more accessible and practical read for a busy executive

Larry Klosterboer "Implementing ITIL Change and Release Management" - This is here because Emergent Change DO NOT do ITIL Change Management but every now and then someone asks about it. This book is supposed to be pretty good, but if you need this kind of support then you would want to find an ITIL competent organisation


OGC "Managing Succesful Projects with Prince 2:2009" - ok, this isnt a book that will actually teach you how to do Project Managment, but it does set a Benchmark standard and remains a definitive guide to a collective set of wisdom. If you know your way round a Project this is good (if you don't it might even put you off the idea completely) Make sure you get the 2009 edition though
Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister "Peopleware, productive projects and teams" - This is written in the context of software development but much of what is said can be related to many "knowledge worker" projects. It won't replace a proper apprenticeship in Project Management but (IMHO) is more useful than many so called 'project managment' books

Other things

Ken Wilber "A Brief History of Everything" - not an easy book to read, an amazing text all the same