Other services

Other services

Emergent Change is dedicated to enabling change, whatever the setting and whatever the challenge. As a consequence, we are sometimes asked to help enable organisational change by the delivery of very specific services that fulfil a particular client need.

We have provided to clients in recent years help with:

  • Establishing Continuous Improvement processes and enabling a culture change (including Lean, Kaizen etc as appropriate)
  • Developing measurement frameworks and business scorecards for enhanced transparency and control
  • Planning and managing business Risk and Business Continuity to enhance business security
  • Enhancing understanding of the customer experience for front line staff
  • Helping a senior management team and Board to rebuild their working relationships
  • Assessing 'Service Value' in preparation for a spin off business, realignment of structure, outsourcing etc
  • Exploring organisational stakeholder needs and communications processes to improve change readiness

Emergent Change also has two sister organisations:

  • Emergent Creativity works with organisations and individuals in the fields of Workplace Creativity and Innovation. We deliver training in Workplace Creativity, run creativity workshops and help organisations develop their innovation processes
  • Emergent Coaching works primarily with Coaching and Mentoring, mostly in late career and retirement settings. We support individuals though periods of change and hlep organisations effectively manage these transitions with Coaching as well as Mentor and Mentee support

If there is something you need to enable change to happen for you or your business we can help. If the skills and experience are not immediately to hand we can quickly find someone who can help from our extensive network of associates and contacts

We also have some contacts and organisations you might find helpful to you