Organisational Consciousness

Organisational Consciousness

Emergent Change uses Richard Barretts 7 levels with some organisations and individuals because it really helps and it really works. Emergent Change also uses the model in strategic planning with the goal of becoming what Richard would call a 'full spectrum' organisation

Here's how Emergent Change considers each level of conciousness

Level 7 – Ethically and spiritually Emergent Change is about enabling people “to be”. Integrity and authenticity are at the core of our being yet much of what Emergent Change does can be an act of faith that it is the right thing to do and that the future will be a better place because of these choices. Ghandi once said "you need to be the change you would wish to see in the world" and that is a touchstone

Level 6 – Partnership working and collaboration is an expectation with any client we work with. Our style of work is highly collaborative and our mindset is very much one of “we are all in this together”. Clients looking for someone with “the right answer” or someone to take accountability for their issues/actions need to look elsewhere or look more deeply into themselves

Level 5 – The Vision of the organisation is to make the world a better place. We want everyone to get better at change and to then help others get better at it too. Our vision is to always be both courageous and gentle in how we work with others. We believe in being passionate about the things we do and love finding others with that same passion, we are not threatened or fearful of 'competitors' and see them as potential friends and collaborators in a rapidly changing the world

Level 4 – Emergent Change regularly review and refreshes the organisational Mission, Vision and Values. New thinking is regularly sought, assessed and assimilated in to the work of the organisation. Every client, every conversation is seen as a potential source of wisdom and learning. Feedback and failure are considered to be essential to learning and renewal

Level 3 – Emergent Change bases much of its diagnostic and intervention design on recognised best practice from the worlds of Change Management and Project Management. Where even the best ideas are flawed (and so many are) we use our own unique ideas and approaches

Level 2 – Emergent Change is about helping people and caring about them too. Client focus is a core value and both client satisfaction and client feedback are actively sought

Level 1 – Emergent Change exists to make a difference in other peoples lives and in order to do this is must survive as a business by charging sensible rates for its services. Emergent Change also recognises that clients have financial constraints of their own so we are always happy to explore ways of helping in the most efficient and cost effective manner

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