Emergent Change, the business, was created by Adrian Frost and focuses on enabling successful and impactful change delivered in a collaborative and humane way

Adrian has over twenty years experience in a wide variety of projects as project leader and project manager. He has over ten years experience in complex organisational change projects in a variety of roles. He has worked with clients all over the UK and in Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Italy

Along with Adrian, there are many associates who each bring their own unique skills and experience


The core values of Emergent Change are:

  • Integrity, confidentiality and trust – this builds excellent working relationships
  • Professional, ethical and client focussed – we exist to add value for you and to build win:win:win outcomes
  • Approachable, caring and collaborative – people matter and change works best when everyone works together

The core philosophy of Emergent Change is:

  • about win:win:win (the best answers should benefit everyone)
  • about 'co-creation' (by working together we all bring our best to the table)
  • about travelling courageously (change can be tough sometimes, courage helps)

In working with you there is an assumption that you will know yourself, your business, your context and your vision for the future far more clearly than anyone else. What Emergent Change can bring are thinking tools, thinking space, external inputs etc. to help us figure things out together

The way we work isnt like most other consultants. We spend quite a bit of time listening, questioning and challenging - quite often you know the answer already, but cant quite see it. We develop diagnostics and interventions with you so you understand how it all works (and can do it themselves next time)